About the Author

Laura E. Gray is a Yorkshire woman living in Wiltshire. Though she loves the mystery and beauty of the Wiltshire landscape, a little piece of her will always remain in Bronte country where the lilac of the heather-lined moors can draw a gasp from the hardest of heart.

Laura studied history and creative writing with the Open University, where she discovered a love for the ancient Greek and Roman worlds and surprised herself by achieving a first-class bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies.

During this time, Laura rekindled her love for writing. She honed her writing ability and learned invaluable research skills. And, like anyone who ever received a degree from the Open University, she became a master of self-discipline — except where chocolate is concerned, of course.


Laura’s aim is for her varied mix of human experience to appear on the page as lively stories and lovable (or hateable) characters. She works hard to make real life imbue her fiction, even when drawn to portray the occasional supernatural being. Who wouldn't be tempted by an alcoholic witch from Yorkshire or an agoraphobic ghost from Stonehenge, mm?

When she’s not writing, or waist-deep in a search engine, Laura might be found corralling her little readers, gardening, cooking, or being walked by her tiny, titanium-willed Jack Russell Terrier, commonly referred to as The Mountain.

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