About the Author

Laura E Gray is a Yorkshire woman living in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Though she loves the mystery and beauty of the Wiltshire countryside, the call of the dales is strong, and she feels that she may end up back there one day.


Laura studied history and creative writing with the Open University, where she discovered a love for the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, and surprised herself by achieving a first-class bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies.

During this time, Laura rekindled her love for writing, which had been lost during her previous, tumultuous life. She honed her writing ability and learned the skill of research, both essential ingredients of a great book, she believes.


Laura’s aim is for her varied mix of human experience to show on the page in the form of lively, lovable characters. She works hard to make sure the reality behind her fiction adds all the meaning and excitement of real life; though she can be drawn in by the occasional supernatural being. Can’t we all?

When she’s not writing, or waist-deep in search engine results, Laura can often be found gardening, cooking, or travelling around Britain with her family in a tiny camper van.

She expects her first ever novel, a work of historical fiction, to be finished in 2020.